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Who Else Wants To Enjoy Brunch In Dubai?

Dubai is not only the ‘City of Gold’ but also the ‘City of Food’, where apart from the specialty food items of the Emirati cuisine, a person can enjoy specialty food items from different cuisines all over the world thus, making it the destination of also the foodies. Especially, the dubai brunch is something you shouldn’t miss at all, especially if you are a foodie, as the lavishness of the spread and the variety of the flavors can certainly satiate your desire for tasty food and new food items greatly!

If this amazes you, come on, let us chat over brunch and amaze you with more facts about the brunch of Dubai!

  • Brunch is never that literal meaning of a meal hour in between the breakfast and the lunch or in other words brunch is not that single meal hour that can be substituted for the breakfast and the lunch, at least, according to Dubai’s way of brunch. It can start around lunchtime and go on until dinner time, which is not an exaggeration because so much is the variety offered in the name of brunch, where even a daylong of eating wouldn’t be enough to finish them. So, next time if somebody in Dubai invites you for a brunch make sure to fast the day before!
  • Perhaps, you might have heard the strict laws prevalent in the land regarding the alcohol consumption, which seems a tad relaxed on this awesome brunch hour. Remember, we only mean a tad relaxed, so do not go overboard with your boozing limit to avoid the dreadful law!
  • According to Dubai, Friday is the Sunday, that is if rest of the world believes in having a sumptuous meal on Sunday, the Dubai believes in having a lavish brunch on Friday and hence, exotic brunch offers keep pouring from the exotic restaurants of the area.
  • The brunch in Dubai is not only restricted to the local Emirati cuisine, it might also include the specialties of the other international cuisines depending upon the nature and policies of the providing restaurant.

So, are you craving to have a bite of this famous brunch? Why wait? Just jump into action!

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