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Category: Skin Care

Intense Skincare – Blessing Or A Curse

Having spotless skin is not just the matter of genes. How you look depends on your daily routine and habits with respect to maintaining your skin. Having a daily routine for your skin care impacts greatly on how you look. The least you can do for your skin is adding these 3 things in your daily routine

  • Wash your face which is known as cleansing
  • Balancing your skin which is known as toning
  • Hydrate and keep your skin soft which is known as moisturizing

Having a skin care routine aims at providing your skin all the necessary things so that it increases your complexion as well as concentrate on the part of your skin which needs more work. There are different products for different age, skin type, complexion. The way your age changes the same way your beauty products must change too.

  1. Cleansing– This is nothing but washing your face which is the most basic step for skin care. This is very essential to keep your skin clean which in turn will help keep your skin away from acne and dead skin.You can reduce acne with this treatment.
  2. Toning– This must be used before applying anything and after cleansing. Just take few drops of toner in cotton and gently rub it to your face. This will help in balancing your skin tone.
  3. Moisturizing– Your skin is exposed to a lot of things, dust, smoke, pollution and UV rays which damages your skin. By moisturizing your skin, you will be hydrating it and it, in turn, will become very soft.

As much as people like taking care of the skin it might feel like a curse to some people since the above-mentioned routine must be done every day which is hard to follow by everyone because various issues like time, all the products required are expensive and cannot be afforded by everyone. When you are traveling it is hard to carry all these products every time you are traveling or when you go to other countries or other places you might not find the same products that suit you.

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