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I Gained 10 Pounds In A Week. How To Lose It?

To lose one pound you will have to create a calorie deficit of 3500 calories per week. In order to lose 10 pounds you will have to create a calorie deficit of 35000 calories. This is an insurmountable amount to create in week. To achieve this you will have to be on low calorie foods almost cutting all the nutritious foods and also increase your physical workouts by introducing aerobic and interval training. Experts refer healthy weight loss to be losing from 1 to 2 pounds per week.

There are lots of weight loss programs that provide weight loss from 1 to 2 lbs per week. However, choosing the reliable programs is most important as you will have to aim for a long term result. Programs like Nutrisystem and Medifast have been helping people lose weight in a healthy manner providing up to 2 lbs for safe weight loss per week. They differ in their strategies of offering weight loss diet plans. You can checkout to know how these programs differ and what they have on store to offer.

The key to weight loss is taking in fewer calories than you burn. It implies that you will have to expend more calories through exercise like walking, climbing stairs, cycling, etc. At the same time, consuming less does not mean that you need to starve without food. You need the energy to carry out the above activities; therefore starving makes your weight loss effort harder.

Drinking plenty of water helps you lose weight as it flushes away the waste and toxins. At the same time, avoid sugary and caffeinated drinks which are enemies of the dieter. You can occasionally drink green tea without adding sugar that helps you burn fat. Drinking water before meals fills up your stomach and makes you eat less during the meal time. All these proven suggestions will help you lose 10 pounds effectively.

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