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Become A Member

If you are a medical student studying at a university in the Euro-Mediterranean region, then you can become our member. By joining our network you can contribute something to the healthcare system of this region. You can take part in transforming the healthcare system into one of the best in the world. By becoming a member, you can participate in the various projects we deal with. You can go to international meetings and let your voice heard.


• Certificate of membership that will add value to your resume.
• Official invitation to EPUF events.
• Get a chance to be a member of the Executive Board and hold voting rights.
• Can be part of a huge network of medical students and exchange knowledge.
• Take part in policy changing activities.
• Get the chance to participate in student exchange programs.
• Get the opportunity to submit your research paper in renowned medical journals.
• Participate in various kinds of projects in the healthcare sector.
• Learn the ethical way of providing healthcare facilities.
• Learn the highest standard of medical practice.

Our association will help you to stand out from the pack. You won’t be like the other normal medical students. You will learn the best way to provide healthcare services to the patients. Your knowledge won’t be limited to books. You will learn to implement the best practices in the healthcare system in the Euro-Mediterranean region.