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4 ethical challenges present in the healthcare system

A good healthcare system should provide good patient care and avoid causing them any harm. Though the healthcare workers may want to do the right thing, it might not be always possible because of the system. The medical practitioners have to face many ethical dilemmas. Here are the top ethical challenges that they have to deal with.

Avoiding conflicts of interest

The pharmaceutical companies and the medical equipment manufacturers target the doctors and nurses to promote their products. These companies offer freebies like notepad, pen, etc. to the doctors and nurses and influence them to refer their products to the patients. So, even though a particular drug may be better than the one a certain company is trying to promote, the doctor or nurse will suggest the latter one to the patients for getting the freebies. The healthcare professionals should avoid taking any giveaways or compensation from these companies. These shouldn’t influence their decision making.

Serving patient and focusing on making profit

Hospitals try to invest their scarce resources in high profit-making areas. These areas serve only a small number of patients. They should instead focus on serving a large number of patients even if they make less profit.

Equal treatment vs. VIP treatment

Sometimes hospital treats wealthy people, financial donors or other influential people differently. For example, these VIP people don’t have to wait long hours to get treatment. Equal treatment must be given to all. But sometimes it becomes difficult to do so for the influence these people have in our society.

Managing pediatric and geriatric patients

These patients don’t have the decision-making capacity.These patients have the right to know about their medical condition and the treatment that will be given to them. These patients should be given the opportunity to give an informed consent to their treatment.

The healthcare professionals should practice ethical ways of providing healthcare service to patients. The hospitals should do their best to promote an ethical culture in their organization.

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