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I Gained 10 Pounds In A Week. How To Lose It?

To lose one pound you will have to create a calorie deficit of 3500 calories per week. In order to lose 10 pounds you will have to create a calorie deficit of 35000 calories. This is an insurmountable amount to create in week. To achieve this you will have to be on low calorie foods almost cutting all the nutritious foods and also increase your physical workouts by introducing aerobic and interval training. Experts refer healthy weight loss to be losing from 1 to 2 pounds per week.

There are lots of weight loss programs that provide weight loss from 1 to 2 lbs per week. However, choosing the reliable programs is most important as you will have to aim for a long term result. Programs like Nutrisystem and Medifast have been helping people lose weight in a healthy manner providing up to 2 lbs for safe weight loss per week. They differ in their strategies of offering weight loss diet plans. You can checkout to know how these programs differ and what they have on store to offer.

The key to weight loss is taking in fewer calories than you burn. It implies that you will have to expend more calories through exercise like walking, climbing stairs, cycling, etc. At the same time, consuming less does not mean that you need to starve without food. You need the energy to carry out the above activities; therefore starving makes your weight loss effort harder.

Drinking plenty of water helps you lose weight as it flushes away the waste and toxins. At the same time, avoid sugary and caffeinated drinks which are enemies of the dieter. You can occasionally drink green tea without adding sugar that helps you burn fat. Drinking water before meals fills up your stomach and makes you eat less during the meal time. All these proven suggestions will help you lose 10 pounds effectively.

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Intense Skincare – Blessing Or A Curse

Having spotless skin is not just the matter of genes. How you look depends on your daily routine and habits with respect to maintaining your skin. Having a daily routine for your skin care impacts greatly on how you look. The least you can do for your skin is adding these 3 things in your daily routine

  • Wash your face which is known as cleansing
  • Balancing your skin which is known as toning
  • Hydrate and keep your skin soft which is known as moisturizing

Having a skin care routine aims at providing your skin all the necessary things so that it increases your complexion as well as concentrate on the part of your skin which needs more work. There are different products for different age, skin type, complexion. The way your age changes the same way your beauty products must change too.

  1. Cleansing– This is nothing but washing your face which is the most basic step for skin care. This is very essential to keep your skin clean which in turn will help keep your skin away from acne and dead skin.You can reduce acne with this treatment.
  2. Toning– This must be used before applying anything and after cleansing. Just take few drops of toner in cotton and gently rub it to your face. This will help in balancing your skin tone.
  3. Moisturizing– Your skin is exposed to a lot of things, dust, smoke, pollution and UV rays which damages your skin. By moisturizing your skin, you will be hydrating it and it, in turn, will become very soft.

As much as people like taking care of the skin it might feel like a curse to some people since the above-mentioned routine must be done every day which is hard to follow by everyone because various issues like time, all the products required are expensive and cannot be afforded by everyone. When you are traveling it is hard to carry all these products every time you are traveling or when you go to other countries or other places you might not find the same products that suit you.

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Who Else Wants To Enjoy Brunch In Dubai?

Dubai is not only the ‘City of Gold’ but also the ‘City of Food’, where apart from the specialty food items of the Emirati cuisine, a person can enjoy specialty food items from different cuisines all over the world thus, making it the destination of also the foodies. Especially, the dubai brunch is something you shouldn’t miss at all, especially if you are a foodie, as the lavishness of the spread and the variety of the flavors can certainly satiate your desire for tasty food and new food items greatly!

If this amazes you, come on, let us chat over brunch and amaze you with more facts about the brunch of Dubai!

  • Brunch is never that literal meaning of a meal hour in between the breakfast and the lunch or in other words brunch is not that single meal hour that can be substituted for the breakfast and the lunch, at least, according to Dubai’s way of brunch. It can start around lunchtime and go on until dinner time, which is not an exaggeration because so much is the variety offered in the name of brunch, where even a daylong of eating wouldn’t be enough to finish them. So, next time if somebody in Dubai invites you for a brunch make sure to fast the day before!
  • Perhaps, you might have heard the strict laws prevalent in the land regarding the alcohol consumption, which seems a tad relaxed on this awesome brunch hour. Remember, we only mean a tad relaxed, so do not go overboard with your boozing limit to avoid the dreadful law!
  • According to Dubai, Friday is the Sunday, that is if rest of the world believes in having a sumptuous meal on Sunday, the Dubai believes in having a lavish brunch on Friday and hence, exotic brunch offers keep pouring from the exotic restaurants of the area.
  • The brunch in Dubai is not only restricted to the local Emirati cuisine, it might also include the specialties of the other international cuisines depending upon the nature and policies of the providing restaurant.

So, are you craving to have a bite of this famous brunch? Why wait? Just jump into action!

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How Much Do You Know about Diet Pills?

Have you been struggling with weight issues?

If you thought that weight issue is singularly your problem, you may need to properly look around you. There is fifty percent of the world’s population today that is grappling with problems relating to weight. and before you jump to the conclusion that I mean ‘overweight’ or Obesity then let me clarify that I mean those people who are suffering from excess weight as well as people who are underweight for their ages and height respectively.

The bigger problem is that of excess weight:

Between the two, excessive weight is more problematic because our body is not made to take anything beyond what is prescribed for our age and height. The excess weight can, in turn, be so bad for the vital organs such as the heart, lungs and the liver that they would either underperform their functions or be under too much pressure to perform good enough to take the baggage of all the extra weight that a person accumulates with his wrong lifestyle and eating habits.

Why must you settle down for herbal diet pills?

Settling down for herbal weight loss pills is the best approach according to many experts in the field of gastroenterology. It is believed that the herbal pills are not as effective as their chemical counterpart. But given the risk of the side effects that can manifest anytime from immediately to even after a few years later it is best and safest to go for the herbal pills.

There are a lot of people who have tried the diet pills:

People who have tried the Cambogia diet pills are exceptionally impressed with its efficacy and it has been noticed that they are generally the ones that take the trouble to review the pills on the internet sites. These Garcinia Cambogia reviews are there for everyone to see. I think it is really selfless for these people to put up their reviews so that people can know about their experiences and also determine if it is for them!

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The Perfect Guide To Stylish Wallets For Men

One of the essential accessories for men is agood, functional and stylish wallet. And it is always good to get one that is really worth it. Though it is asmall accessory, it cannot be ignored. A man’s billfold too speaks volumes about hispersonality and also contributes in defining his whole look. As many women joke around that if you want to judge a man just take a peek into his wallet.

Trending now is getting yourself a stylish wallet to match your personality. No matter what your profession or style of dressing is you are sure to get someone that is a perfect match. Here are a few tips for you to help you choose the best one-

  • Your wallet should complement your dressing sense so choose one that not only enhances your look but also defines the gentleman that you are. Remember, a neat and clean wallet also matters a lot.
  • Never buy an oversized wallet; you will also be struggling to find aplace to carry it. Clear your wallet of unnecessary bills and papers which will make it bulge and spoil your appearance too in the bargain.
  • With more styles and trends coming in men’s wallets too are coming in a variety of materials. prints and colors. Just pick wisely and take care to carry the right wallet to the right placeor occasion. A funky wallet to a corporate office is a complete no-no.
  • Invest wisely and tastefully as your wallet is an investment of your image and it should not be compromised for anything. Go in for a wallet from a good and reputed brand.

Keeping all the above suggestions in mind is why I got my husband an lv wallet that is really smart, sleek and stylish and matches up to his personality too.

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4 important things the medical students should know

It is very hard to get through medical schools. But it can be fun and rewarding to study at a medical school. Here are four things medical students should know.

Whatever you learn here will be with you forever

In many professions, we learn things that we actually never apply in our career. But medical studies are different. Whatever you learn in your medical school, you will be applying the skills throughout your entire career. So, you are not only studying for an exam, you are studying to learn which will help you later in your life as well.

It’s not limited to medical skills

Besides the medical skills, you will need to develop the soft skills as well, like communication, teamwork, critical thinking, leadership, etc. These skills will help you to have a better relationship with your patients.

Learn to organize

Passing medical school requires you to study a lot. But you will have to take care of yourself too. You should learn time management so that you can take your meal on time and sleep on time as will. This time management skill will help you in your career as well. Doctors are very busy people. They need good time management skills to take care of their life.

Decide on a specialty later

Many people make the mistake of choosing their specialty early without doing a thorough research. You should take the time to make this decision. You should talk to professionals in the field and find out more about the kinds of specialty you may consider. You may change your specialty at a later stage of your life as well.

For a medical student, learning never ends. The more you learn the better you become as a doctor. You should take lots of training and prepare yourself better.

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4 ethical challenges present in the healthcare system

A good healthcare system should provide good patient care and avoid causing them any harm. Though the healthcare workers may want to do the right thing, it might not be always possible because of the system. The medical practitioners have to face many ethical dilemmas. Here are the top ethical challenges that they have to deal with.

Avoiding conflicts of interest

The pharmaceutical companies and the medical equipment manufacturers target the doctors and nurses to promote their products. These companies offer freebies like notepad, pen, etc. to the doctors and nurses and influence them to refer their products to the patients. So, even though a particular drug may be better than the one a certain company is trying to promote, the doctor or nurse will suggest the latter one to the patients for getting the freebies. The healthcare professionals should avoid taking any giveaways or compensation from these companies. These shouldn’t influence their decision making.

Serving patient and focusing on making profit

Hospitals try to invest their scarce resources in high profit-making areas. These areas serve only a small number of patients. They should instead focus on serving a large number of patients even if they make less profit.

Equal treatment vs. VIP treatment

Sometimes hospital treats wealthy people, financial donors or other influential people differently. For example, these VIP people don’t have to wait long hours to get treatment. Equal treatment must be given to all. But sometimes it becomes difficult to do so for the influence these people have in our society.

Managing pediatric and geriatric patients

These patients don’t have the decision-making capacity.These patients have the right to know about their medical condition and the treatment that will be given to them. These patients should be given the opportunity to give an informed consent to their treatment.

The healthcare professionals should practice ethical ways of providing healthcare service to patients. The hospitals should do their best to promote an ethical culture in their organization.

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3 ways to improve the healthcare system of a country

The health care treatment has improved, but not the management of the healthcare system. The patients have to go through lots of sufferings for an inefficient healthcare system. Here are three ways to improve the quality of the healthcare system of a country.

Must focus on providing value

We must focus on the quality of the healthcare facility instead of the cost. The more value you provide to the patients, you will get more people coming to you for healthcare services. So, the profitability of your hospital will increase.

Process improvement

Process improvement can lead to improving the quality and cost of healthcare. There are many hospitals that are running the same way for many years. We should look into the processes of discharging patients, running an operating room, etc. and try to make them more efficient.

Decentralizing problem-solving process

Patients should be able to get good healthcare service at a retail clinic, instead of going to the downtown medical center. They can have their health care being monitored from home. Patients can be provided with information so that they can take care of some of their health problems themselves.

The established hospitals should try to adopt these approaches into their healthcare system. The others will then follow. Our aim should be to provide high quality health care service accessible to all. Hospitals should shift their focus on providing costly healthcare service to providing high-quality healthcare service.

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